Fast Way To Earn Gold In Clash Of Clans

One of the very significant currencies in Clash of Clans is gold. It is the resource you require to improve your cards on your deck. You could earn gold from opening chests and winning battles. You could also earn gold by purchasing in-app. If you don’t have any gold, you will not be able to purchase cards in the shop or upgrade your deck.

Aside from using Clash of clans and Clash of Clans hack ohne handynummer, there are several methods for earning quick gold.

Opening Daily Free Chest

In the game, you would be given a fixed amount of gold by opening chests. However, the free chests that are given every several hours are one of the securest ways to earn gold. You could still gain free chests all through the day even if you are not winning any battles. You should ensure that you check every 4 hours to open up chests and earn little free gold.

On average, you should be capable of opening around two to four free chests per day if you constantly do it. You will not be able to get another chest until you open them up once you have 2 free chests waiting to be opened. That is why you need to continually open chests to get the most gold every day.

Donate Cards in Clans

You have the capability of giving cards that are demanded by the clan members after you join a clan. Each time you find a notification in the chat room of your clan that might be a member asking for a certain card. Whenever you find that notification, donate to them, no matter what card you have. If you do it, you would easily earn gold and extra experience for each donation.

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