Remove Urine Stains From Carpet Immediately For Best Results

You must remove any stains on your carpet as soon as possible. This is for you to keep your household floor accessory for a longer time. However, it could be difficult if you are dealing with pet urine stains. Unfortunately, you should also remove urine stains on carpet immediately to avoid further damage. That is why you should know how to deal with urine stains, and clean it up for best results.

Why should You Remove Urine Stain from Carpet immediately and how?

Your carpet can get damage if you will leave urine stains unattended. It will start as an annoying visible stain, and will leave extremely bad odor when it gets dry. Not mentioning that it can cause discoloration to your carpet too. Moreover, your pets will tend to urinate on the same spot again if they still smell the said odor on it.

If your pet just accidentally pees on your carpet, you can easily solve it using a rag and pet enzyme. Press the rag over the stain, and apply weight on it for 20 minutes. The goal is to absorb as much liquid as possible. After which, spray on the pet enzyme and leave it for around 24 hours. Do not wipe the enzyme right away after spraying; instead wait until it is done with its job.

If your pet have regularly pee on the same spot for some time, you should hire professional carpet cleaners to do the job. In fact, you should avail of their services once a year to keep your carpet on good condition.

Failing to remove urine stains from carpet immediately will leave you no other choice but to replace your floor accessory. That is why you should clean it up right away after noticing a stained spot, or call your local carpet cleaner for their service.

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