Why a Labradoodle may be the Best Dog for You

A cross between a Standard or Miniature Poodle and a Labrador retriever, the Labradoodles appear to be friendly, smart, and at least reasonably active, just like their parents. However, just remember than designer pooches such as a Labradoodle could be a little of a hereditary wild card. This means that a breeder will never truly know what physical characteristics or personality traits would come out. So, why should you get a Labradoodle? Here are several reasons:

They could be Good Partner 

A Labradoodle appears to be devoted to its family and love its owner. It is normally sociable and appears to love a lot.

They tend to be Trainable

The Labradoodles are frequently easy to train and smart thanks to the love of working with people of a Labrador and the intelligence of a Poodle. You could train them quickly if you reward it with play, treats, and praise and utilize positive reinforcement.

They could have Various Kinds of Fur

Several Labradoodles look like a Poodle with lousy curls and some could resemble shaggy retrievers. A lot falls anywhere in between those two. If you have a Labradoodle, have it brushed every other day and clipped it every eight up to twelve weeks.

They come in 3 Sizes

A Labradoodle can be standard, weighing 46 to more than 102 pounds; medium, weighing 31 up to 46 pounds; and miniature, weighing 16 to 31 pounds. But, there is no assurance that the puppy you will get would fall into your desired size because these dogs are crossbreeds.

They could be Athletic

Though a big Labradoodle might be more active than a small one, almost every Labradoodle has an adequate level of activity. They would really want a playtime and a good walk every day.

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