Facing Charges Of A Drunk Driving Accident

A lot can happen when you’re driving under the influence, anything from being questioned by police patrols to actually causing accidents and damages. Being charged and questioned due to drunk driving can become a horrifying experience and if you want to come out of it unscathed, or as clean as possible, then go for the best DUI lawyer in Sanford. We recommend lawyers at the Corey Cohen Law Firm, Cohen was a prosecutor so he has firsthand experience and knowledge with regards to how prosecutors work. With this kind of information, they’re able to adjust and come up with a strategy.

Corey Cohen Law Firm

Once you’re charged with DUI that unfortunately resulted in any kind of auto accident, immediately call Corey Cohen to be certain that all your legal rights are properly preserved. There are numerous defenses to DUI charges involving a crash or property damages, a good percentage of these cases are quite winnable contrary to popular belief. Charges related to DUI has a lot of various elements that the state has to prove beyond reasonable doubt before anyone can be found guilty. The initial element that they need to prove is that the person was actually driving or was solely in control of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Majority of the times, when a road accident occurs and before the police arrive at the scene, you’re out of the vehicle. At the scene of the crash, there may be numerous people around and the police will have a difficult time placing you behind the wheel of the said vehicle. This may come as a shock but even the state may have a difficult time proving you were a driver even if you admitted it. A law implemented by Florida stats that anything you’ll tell police during the investigation can’t be used in court, all you have to do is hire the best DUI lawyer Sanford.

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