What Are The Coverage Of Courier Insurance?

It is important that you are covered legally on the streets to keep your service operating if your business needs you to move products for clients. Getting the correct courier insurance and courier van insurance cover depends on what kind of operation you are working.

What’s Courier Insurance?

The coverage on courier insurance includes an individual or individuals to deliver products safely to several delivery places on behalf of the customers. This can also include coverage for goods in transit against theft, damage, or loss.

Available Levels of Coverage

It is essential to consider that courier drivers spend almost all of their time on the road. This amplifies their chances of suffering loss or being involved in accidents.

There could be an option of 3 coverage levels:

  • Third Party Only – by law, this is the least coverage required. This would cover 3rd party liabilities in an accident event.
  • Third Party Theft and Fire – is almost similar to Third Party Only. However, it also covers theft and fire of the vehicle.
  • Full Coverage – offers similar coverage as Third Party Theft and Fire. However, it also covers you.

Additional Coverage

You may require greater security depending on the kind of courier service you have. You might wish to consider extra coverage to provide you bigger peace of mind. This could include:

  • Excess protection – could cover you at the expense of your excess if you are involved in an accident.
  • Public Liability – this covers you for any reimbursement you might have to pay as an outcome of your legal liabilities. This includes bodily injury or death to a person or damage to properties.
  • Employer’s Liability – for several businesses, this is a legal requirement. You might be needed to provide protection against the expense of reimbursement claims coming from employee injury or illness.
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