The Shopping Cart Trick

What’s the “shopping cart trick”? Well, it is a Comenity bank trick to get a credit card. But you don’t have to have a difficult time in the procedure. This technique would grant you the option to attain store-specific credit without resulting in a hard pull. This makes this precious to you if you want to gain rewards, like cash-back deals, despite how you’re restricted with your credit card. But, on the other hand, please be wary that you’re adding an extra credit card to the collection you have. So, the usual life span of a credit card account would lessen. The results would greatly affect the credit you currently have.

The Deal with Credit Card Promos

You opt in for promotions of a credit card if you attain credit card promotions in your email. Unless if you opt out manually, you opt in automatically if you get those offers

Comenity Bank Issued Cards

A lot of retail shops partner with this bank to offer a credit card suitable for that certain shop.

Pop-Up Blocker Shut Down

A lot of credit cards provide pop up. See to it that it’s turned off. Turn off your pop-up blocker before it is too late.

Know Carefully Your SSN

Credit card proposals that need you to input the complete number of your social security typically results in a hard pull. The proposals that ask only for the last four digits of your Social Security Number would not result in into any bumps. So, be wary and proceed with attention when you are getting a credit card.

Looking to enhance your credit report? If yes, then this technique is for you. This technique isn’t for everyone of course. However, if your credit report is not so good, then try this method.

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