Best Wireless Chargers For Iphone

The iPhone, is indeed, one of today’s hottest gadgets, and has always been regarded as the phones of the sassy and classy people. To take that class and sass up a notch, the latest versions of the iPhone have now been made capable of adapting to wireless charging, specifically the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8+ iterations. If you wish to join the wireless bandwagon and have these units at hand, what are some of the best wireless iphone charger units you can make use of?

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Mophie has always been Apple’s trusted maker of accessories, even back in the day when they would make “juice packs” for older models. This time around, they are partnering with apple to create this wireless charging base for iPhone X units. It is a Qi technology smartphone that allows you to charge your unit without all those pesky cables. It supports a 7.5-watt power for faster charging and has a footprint on the nightstand or desk you wish to place it on. It also has a slip-proof coating which helps to not let your iPhone toss and turn when it’s being charged.

Scosche MagicMount Charge

If you want to keep your unit standing upright while it’s being charged, then this charger is definitely the best for you! It comes with a base that has a suction cup, as well as a head that you can adjust to various angles. It makes use of a “MagicPlate”, or a magnetic connection to keep your phone secure while charging. The said unit, as fancy as it sounds, is yet to be released, but then users who are interested in purchasing could sign themselves up for email notifications.

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