Best Website Building Services In 2018

There are a lot of website building services available out there, which is why it is really overwhelming to find one that suits your budget and needs. Lucky for you, this article will discuss the pros and cons of 2 of the best website builders in 2017. If you want to hire one, you could get directed here.

Remember that in a website builder, the most significant aspect is its usability. Uptime is the 2nd factor; speed is the 3rd factor, and price being the 4th factor.


Advantages of SiteBuilder

  • You will receive one e-mail account and a domain name that’s free.
  • Compared to other website builders, SiteBuilder has around 1,000 available templates that you could choose. That is really a lot.
  • The website builder of this site is simple and easy to use. It is pretty natural. Also, the available templates look modern and updated.
  • SiteBuilder includes a feature called “Save History”. They also let you create a blog. Only a few amounts of website builders have these kinds of features.


  • You would require selecting “business account” option if you want a store that’s eCommerce. The business account option would cost you $18 monthly.
  • The usual time to activate an account takes around 3 or more hours.


Advantages of Wix

  • This website builder is great for freelancers and small businesses since it has an estimated 300 available templates.
  • Wix is quite easy and simple to use in general. Since you could do a lot of website customization, it is quite flexible.
  • The user-interface is easy to utilize.
  • Activating your account wouldn’t take an hour.


  • Unlike SiteBuilder, Wix will charge you $5 for an e-mail account.
  • You would also have to select an expensive option ($20) if you want to start an online shop.
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